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Code Clinics

Code clinics

Here at S3IT we can offer support in various ways, the most common help requests are on `how to gain access to a specific resource (e.g. ScienceCloud or Hydra)` and `problems during resource use (e.g. how do I run my MPI job on Vesta)`. This is just a small part of what we offer. We also offer individual and research group consulting on the IT aspects of your research problem. Ideally we would like to talk to you when you enter the `design phase` of your research, so we can help you asses the various technologies which may support your research. But you can contact us at any point during your research process for any help related to speeding up computations, problems with scaling your code, moving computations from your laptop to one of our clusters or cloud, etc. Initial consulting (up to a couple of hours) is free. We have specialists in HPC, Data Management, Computational Scaling, Big Data, Machine Learning and AI who can help you when you have specific topics you would wish to address within your field of research. Please feel free to contact us through our helpdesk, they will route your request to someone who is most suited to help you.