GC3Pie for end users

Getting started with GC3Pie Command-line Tools

This 2-hours training aims to provide GC3Pie users with an overview and introduction to the concepts, common options and usage of GC3Pie command-line tools.


This training is open to all researchers and IT coordinators at the University of Zurich that are already using GC3Pie.


It will help if you already have a basic experience on Linux/Unix systems. You should not be scared of opening a terminal window to type in commands, but extensive Unix shell experience is not necessary.


This training will provide you with an overview and introduction to:

  • the concepts underlying GC3Pie scripts (tasks, sessions, workflows, etc.)
  • basic usage and common options of GC3Pie scripts
  • usage of GC3Pie command-line tools for debugging

Note: This is not a training on how to develop applications with GC3Pie; a separate training session on that topic will be organized in the future.

At the end of the training, S3IT personnel will be available to discuss your intended usage and possible issues.


The training takes place at the University of Zurich Irchel campus, Y10-E-25 (downstairs of the "Studenten Laden").

Other info

For further information, please write to: help@s3it.uzh.ch